Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Haven't posted for a while...and although I thought summer would bring endless opportunities for leisurely blogging, surfing, scrapbooking...we have been busier than expected so far.

Father's Day deserves a post, though.

So here it is.


We began the day with everyone in the house sleeping except the Daddy. He is an early riser (God knows why, but he is)...and the rest of us?? Not so much.

Most mornings are the same.

He makes the coffee.

He reads the paper.

He checks his email.

He goes for bike rides.

All before any of us are up.

Today was the same, and I'm sure the poor guy was just waiting for someone to get up and cook him some Father's Day breakfast.

We all got up around nine (not that late!!)...but he was already outside cutting the grass. I pulled Jordan out of bed and said "you better get out there and help him, he can't cut the grass by himself on Father's Day" which Jordan mumbled some sort of noise, pulled on some clothes, and stumbled outside into the bright sun.

I called after him, "you're a good son!!"

to which he answered "I know".

Katie and I got busy hiding clues to Daddy's Scavenger Hunt and mixing batter for homemade waffles. After breakfast (ok, more like brunch), Jamie followed clues to find one of his gifts, a Cleveland Zip Groove 58 degree wedge. (For the golf-impaired, this is a very special golf club that apparently lets you do very special things on the golf course). Jordan helped me pick it out in the shop...he was sooooo cute about it, as he knew EXACTLY which club his Dad wanted, down to the make, model, degree, and finish of the metal. And he was right, because you would have thought we gave Jamie a million dollars, he was so excited.

I wish I could say I snapped photos of any of this.....father and son mowing the lawn together....making breakfast....scavenger hunt...but no. My camera was out of battery (gasp), so there are no pictures. Only memories of a happy day.

However....dinner with Grandpa and the Happy Hutchies??


Oh, yes.










Happy Father's Day!

Note: in honor of Father's Day, and Daddies everywhere...the first seven songs on my playlist are some of my favorite daddy/mommy/parenting songs on the planet...and are always good for at least a few tears/choking up/ least for me. Have a listen... :)