Saturday, September 13, 2008

Game Day

The Crew:

The Quarterback
(I love him):

The hand off to Cousin Blane:

The Cousin with his helmet off:

The way I find my son in the crowd:

(just look for the skinniest butt)

The tough guy stare down:

The Quarterback Sneak:

The Stiff Arm:

(at least I think that's what they call it)

The Action:

The Run:

The Bench

The Captivated Sister:

The Coach who is also Daddy:

The Relief:

The Encouragement:

The Brotherly Post-Game Strategy Discussion:
(actually just checking out Jamie's new phone)

The players:

The son who swells my heart with love and pride:

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Whole New World

They practice 3 times a week right now. They leave around 5 pm, practice, and after stopping somewhere for dinner, don't get home until after 9. It's a crazy schedule. Sometimes I struggle with this decision we made, to let him play football....not only because of the time demands, but also how rough it is on his body. He came home the first week with new cuts, bruises, and a sore shoulder.
I do NOT like that. Mommies prevent injuries, not allow their children to do things that cause them.

But, Moms don't really have a say in football, apparently. Dads reign in this arena.

Sigh. Oh well. And so begins the process of "letting go". Just a little bit.

I tagged along the other day to watch. Document. And, of course, blog it. :)

It's really a whole new world, this football thing.

Lots of testosterone. The smell of freshly cut grass. Whistles blowing. Coaches yelling. Players grunting. Helmets crashing. Lots of drills. Players yelling in unison. Water bottles squirted into helmets. No sitting allowed...only "taking a knee".

My favorite moments were everything in between...

-motivating speeches from coaches
-finding #4 in the crowd
-the control the coaches have over their every move
-players moving "on the whistle"
-the fact that they play for the church, and their motto is "For His Glory"
-Jamie and John having great "brother time"
-Knowing Jordan has his Dad and uncle looking out for him
-kids learning the value of a good work ethic
-Jamie so happy to be coaching football again
-Jordan shooting me a shy smile through his face mask (click)
-Funny conversations with Katie, my budding gymnast
-The most beautiful sunset I have seen in a really long time