Thursday, August 14, 2008

Football Season

It's here.

It has begun.

FOOTBALL... is my favorite sport to watch. I love LOVE college football...I tolerate pro football...but in essence...all football is good. It is part of the fall season where things get even a little chilly in Florida and once in a while, I get to open the house up and maybe even (gasp) wear a sweater.

I love to have people over to "watch the game"...I love to pull out UF's orange and blue colors, wear my favorite Gator garb.....make nachos, put burgers on the grill and scream at the TV as my Gators battle for a win. My stomach is in knots before and during each game. When we win, I feel relieved for one more week...and when we lose, I will wear my Gator hat and t-shirt all day Sunday..... in a silent but visual show of loyal solidarity.

I am a Gator.

Go Gators.

But I have a new football player to watch this season. He has been out of circulation for a while, so they may have to redshirt him. He is light for his age, but his heart is pure and his work ethic is impeccable. He is incredibly cute and as smart as anyone I have ever met.

Oh, did I mention? This player is my son.

We went to get him fitted for his equipment this afternoon. He was so excited, he didn't want to take it off...

...even hours later, as he watched TV.

God...thank you for giving me this kid.
I don't know how I got so lucky. :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008


This is what she does every time we bake something in the oven.
Tonight it was lemon poppy seed bread.

Which she made all by herself.

Love her.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


This place holds great meaning for me...

it's where I brought my newborn babies to imprint their painted feet on a plate for Father's Day...
where I made presents for my children's special teachers...
where my kids painted numerous masterpieces over the years, that are now displayed throughout our home....
where we celebrated birthdays, including the year Jordan turned six...
where I joined many Girl's Nights with a bottle of wine under my arm, and bonded with friends...
and the place where I froze the size of Jordan and Katie's childhood handprints into a glazed print. As I look at those plates from across the room right now, I know this...if those plates ever broke, my heart would break, too.

We hadn't been there in a couple of years, and it has changed ownership, so I wondered if it would still be the same...
Would it still be warm and inviting?
Would the new owner still greet you with a smile, eager to help you be your most creative self?
Would each table be covered in thick, white paper, and hold water in handpainted bowls and brushes in quirky mugs?
Would each chair be different, handpainted in colorful mismatched patterns?
Would the room be filled with soothing, classical music and warm, natural sunlight?

Would the overall mood of the place still firmly state: "You are creative...anything goes...please be yourself and just...PAINT" ?


It's still the same wonderful place it has always been.

Happy sigh. :)

This was

Katie and Savannah were fascinated by the purple goop they use to coat every piece before it goes into the kiln...and so was I. :)

Future masterpieces, pre-purple goop...we pick them up Tuesday. :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tips For A Happy Life

Pancake Party

I turned the kitchen over to them this morning...just shuffled to the refrigerator, set out the ingredients, and said "go at it, girls"...

I was still too sleepy to make it myself, so I just curled up on the couch, sipped my hot coffee... watched...and them from under my blanket.

It was heaven.

Their conversations are priceless:

Katie concentrating so hard on cracking the egg...she always sets her jaw forward like this when she focuses: do they propose to flip these??

I retreated back to my comfy couch and watched them try:

bite sized yummies:

they gave me the tiny one on the left...the littlest pancake, with one chocolate chip:

and I was happy to have it. :))

For Carin

Thank you for sharing Savannah with us!! I just ADORE her. She is kind, funny, thoughtful, confident, sweet, and BEAUTIFUL...inside and out!! I feel lucky that Katie can call her a friend. These girls are magic together.

After dinner at El Primo, (my kids' favorite place for pizza, as it shows kid movies and announces your name on the microphone when your food is ready)......we went home to enjoy a Broadway style dance production that these two sweet girls came up with, out of the blue...with THREE songs...complete with invitations....requirements for each invitee to call Savannah's cell phone to RSVP (listening to Jamie calling in was hilarious)....then they handed out programs...and we had special seating with namecards. It was beyond precious.

My all-time favorite dance moment was when Miley Cyrus sings "if you text me...I'll delete it...let's be clear"...they each took a cell phone out of their pocket, opened it simultaneously, and pushed the button. And yes, I got it on camera. :)

The following is just a glimpse into the memories being made...this is........SO...FUN...TO...WATCH.

Attention...cell phone move coming up...

Big finish...and they shouted: "GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!!"

Watching the replay...

Carin...she is in good hands and we LOVE HER!!!
Savannah is truly an incredible kid.
You and Joel did good, my friend. :)