Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tortured Thoughts Of A Baseball Mom...

I love watching him play.
He looks so cute in his little baseball pants, team jersey and hat, and his toothy grin. But besides his adorableness, I mostly love how he LOVES THIS GAME.
He wants to get to practices early. He wants to stay late and watch other games. If he could spend every evening at the baseball field, he would. He is SUCH a baseball player.
This game makes him happy, which in turn makes ME happy.
That said, watching your son play baseball is a double edged sword. Pure joy and excitement when he makes a play, but gut wrenching tension when he is "the one" everyone is looking at to come through. The crowd goes wild when he does well, and is equally loud in their "awwww's" when he doesn't.
That's my baby out there, and I just want him to do well, because that makes him happy and proud of himself. And baseball seems so HARD!! To be able to hit, throw, bunt, catch, run, pitch, dive through the air to catch the ball and know just where to quickly throw it when you do, make double plays, cover never ends!!
I know it is the same for every other player on the field, but when it is Tigers player #11, my stomach is truly in knots...and the following is a window into my thoughts:
"Please hit it...please hit it....please hit it..."
"Please catch it...please catch it...please catch it..."
"Please throw a strike...please throw a strike...
please throw a strike..."
...and we have another game tomorrow night.
Wish me luck. :)

She's at camp...

Katie left for a Children's Retreat with our church on Friday. It is her first sleepaway camp. Here she is, all packed and ready to go.
She has been away from me for two days. I don't like it. I miss her and our family is not the same without her. I miss her giggle. I miss her sarcastic comments. I miss her sneaky way of digging into my earrings, hair products, or make up... where I go to find something, and my things do not look quite the way I left them. I miss her smell. I miss the way she wakes up in the morning and still curls up into my lap for a sleepy hug. I miss her voice. I miss the little notes she leaves for me. I miss the singing and "talking to herself" sounds that we can constantly hear from her bedroom.
I want her back.
It's Sunday today, and I get to pick her up in 47 minutes. Yahoo!!

Fun With Cousins

The Taylors came over for a few days, and we were able to have all the cousins together.
I LOVE "Cousin Time". It's like an extended family love fest, where all the kids act like siblings, learning from each other and getting to know each other all over again. Watching the way they play together, it's very evident that they all sense that their relationships with each other are more meaningful than just another playmate...they understand that their bond is one of FAMILY.
Jordan had a baseball game, and everyone came out to cheer him on...
even Lily!!
The next day, Katie had a soccer game...we sat on a blanket and watched her play her little heart out...
Jordan and Douglas played catch...and Douglas would stand with his hands on his hips like this after every he was saying, "Ha, take that throw!" SO CUTE.
Some pictures of Gracie Pie...
Time to go home......

Friday, April 11, 2008

Loving Lily

She is here.
She is perfect.
She is so loved.
She has changed our lives.
She is a miracle.
Welcome to the world, Lily Grace.
You are going to have a wonderful life.