Monday, April 25, 2011

one toe in

tiptoeing back into blogland.

pretending it hasn't been almost a year since my last post.


giving up capitalizing so it will seem less daunting.
(as if pressing that dreaded shift button is oh-so-cumbersome)

giving up posting only photos with good clarity, exposure, color, contrast, white balance, bokeh, blah blah blah....this is my family blog and who the hell cares but one.

giving up editing my's as-is, people.

ok....i just backspaced and cut-pasted.

damn. will need to work on that one.

acting as though i do this blogging thing every week...while simultaneously trying to remember how to even post a photo on here.


Easter weekend at mom's...she made such a fuss to make everything fun and crafty and memory-making.


i love when she does that. :)





i love my family. i know everyone doesn't get along with theirs, and many people dread family get togethers.

i got very, very lucky in the family department. they are my favorite people in the world.

how amazing is that!?

the weekend was filled with some good cousin memory making. since we all have one boy and one girl, we are determined to give our kids a good dose of same-gender interaction. (code for: i wish katie had a sister, and jordan had a brother...but that would mean four kids and that ain't happenin')

enter cousin time...aka, the best brother and sister bonds i could ever hope for...


engrossed in TV...Happy Easter




katie: "this huge chick on the table is kinda creepy and freaks me out"

and can i just say how proud i was of my boy this weekend??

ok...i will.

jordan is 15.

freshman in high school.

thinks he's super cool.


eye rolls GALORE

he also happens to know everything, so don't even TRY to tell him different.

he made the varsity lacrosse team this year, so that makes it even worse.

in a word, he's JUST....SOOOOO.....COOL.

i brace myself for his teen attitude-eye roll-why do i have to hang out with these people even though i know they love me-IT'S ALL ABOUT ME, MOM......vibe.

well, even 15 year olds can surprise their mamas, apparently.

he smiled. he shook hands. he answered questions with eye contact. he engaged in conversations with the entire group. he smiled at his cousins and even played wrestle-catch-swimming with them. he stayed in the same room instead of curling up with his ipod in a quiet corner of the house.

these are big things in teenland.


as for the easter rituals, i figured he would be too old or just plain disinterested.

surprised there too...hmm.

my boy colored eggs like he was performing a science experiment.




if it didn't happen on facebook, it didn't happen.


and then it was back to this sight...around noon or so:

can't have it all, I guess. :)



Anna Ruth said...

Welcome back! That's wonderful that Jordan made the varsity team. You are a wonderful Mom and when it's time to interact with others not just mom and dad he knows what to do. You have prepared him to be a successful teen even if he doesn't act like it all the time.

Kelly said...

Jordan is such a special boy from the inside out! He was in his element this weekend and nothing makes me happier than seeing your kids happy. Doesn't take much; just a trip to the mall or a snickers bar. I'm so glad you're back in action pecking (and hunting) away at the keyboard writing thoughts that you'll reflect back in upcoming years and be so happy you did! I didnt know that chick scared katie - i thought he was uber cool!

Kelly said...

I love the one of him taking a picture of his egg with his phone. So symbolic of teens these days.


Grandpa said...

Love your pictures showing the warmth of Mary’s home . . . she made the day so special for everyone . . . and since Jordan and Katie are the ‘big kids on the block’ . . . Douglas and Grace and Lily and Grady look up to them for guidance . . . and what positive roll models they are . . . you and Jamie should be very proud of the young adults they’ve become . . . I know I am!

Love Ya!
Dad & Grandpa

Anonymous said...

I echo what Dad said. They are the BEST kids, Jen. Love them more than I can tell you and so proud of them. It was a special, special Easter. I love my family.